Seeking Help

I know I need help, but where do I start? All these different approaches! How am I to know what’s best for me at this point on my journey?

Exactly. Choosing an approach to healing from all those that are available can seem like an overwhelming task. It may make your quest feel easier if you shift your inquiry for a while from “what” to “whom.”

The person of the practitioner is just as important as the specific process that he or she is offering, probably even more important. As you set about deciding whom to walk with on the next portion of your healing path, open yourself to the questions below. You will not go wrong if you let your intuition guide you through the information that they help you to gather.

In your initial contacts, does the quality of her voice begin to help you feel more comfortable, more safe? Do you sense in him a genuine interest in who you are? Do you feel that you are being welcomed…or sized up? Without anything having been promised, as the two of you talk is a spirit of hope starting to stir? Do you feel a helpful lightness in her, a sense of humor? Is he generous with his time and thoughts over the phone? Do her answers make it easier to ask more questions? Do you feel that you are talking with a totally real and present person…or are you meeting the protective mask of professionalism?

These are the kinds of questions you need to be considering, because the person to person relationship is the vehicle for any healing process. Trust the answers to them that you sense within yourself and if they aren’t positive enough, keep looking, with faith that the right person is out there.

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