A Summary & A Disclaimer

For those who work with me in their process of personal development, my intention is to guide and support them in achieving the full measure of vitality and joy that they were born to experience, through the elimination of the patterns of thought, emotion or behavior that are creating obstacles. In our work together, I interweave related processes: opening the heart to truth, through conversation; re-educating the autonomic nervous system away from chronic activation, through sensate focus; elucidating the dynamics of the emotions; and harmonizing the pulsations of the body’s fluids, though gentle touch and slow movement.

My role is essentially educational: to demonstrate to the bodymind how it can regain its original access to the all-embracing Field of Intelligence, which has enormous capacity to resolve imbalance. In other words, I work to remind the organism that it knows how to heal itself.

My work is no longer related to the practice of Medicine, from which I retired in March, 2007. To be as clear as possible, I no longer diagnose nor treat diseases, disorders, or conditions; perform medical or psychological procedures; give medical advice; prescribe medication; or refer to myself as physician or doctor.

I had to put those honorific titles behind me. Conventional medicine has come to put its focus on pain and unhappiness, while mine is directed towards ease and joy. Modern medicine seeks to intervene chemically and mechanically, while my efforts are in more subtle support of harmony in the fluidic and energetic pulsations of life. And the practice of medicine has come to revolve around the authority of the practitioner, while my attention is on the restorative capacity inherent in each of us.