Policies, Locations & Charges

I like to have an extended phone conversation, or perhaps two, before deciding about meeting in person.

The beginning of the working process should always be thought of as provisional. It’s possible that it may be a few sessions before we know whether or not it really is a good idea for us to keep working together.

Between sessions, I respond to voice mail, text, and email as quickly as I am able.

If the time between sessions seems too long, I can be kept up to date with email. My response to such messages will usually only serve to indicate that I’ve received and read the email. Ordinarily, I restrict my use of email to scheduling and to announcing activities.

Cancelling a session requires notice 24 hours in advance. Sessions that are missed without being properly cancelled will be handled in a way that is meant to be fair and to help support the continuity of our work. Since people have  widely different life circumstances, it is best not to have a single policy for everyone, but to come to an agreement on one when we are starting out.

The length of the session depends on a several factors, though it is usually either 45 to 50 minutes, or 90 to 100 minutes, more or less.

I think of whatever money I receive more as a gift made in reciprocity for the gift I am providing, than as a payment for a service rendered. The amount depends on location and individual circumstances. I am happy to receive any amount falling within the ranges given below. I am always open to discussing any issue relating to material compensation.

Length of Session Reisterstown Ardmore New York
45-50 Minutes $100-$160 $110-$170 $140-$200
90-100 Minutes $200-$320 $220-$340 $280-$400